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When trying to write some intercessions for a local church service many years ago, I was astounded by the lack of help and inspiration found on the internet. I decided that something had to be done to help all the people out there that have not had any intercession writing training, or are just plain stuck. This repository of prayers can also be used for your own personal use.

Feel free to browse through our ever expanding collection of Intercessions and Prayers, or use the category selection on the right to help you find a specific prayer.

If you would like to submit a prayer or suggest a new category then please email it to beki@intercessions.co.uk Please include details of authorship, as we do not want to steal credit for anyone else’s work. (All materials on Intercessions.co.uk are covered under the Creative Commons License, which means it remains the authors intellectual property, but can be used freely).


  • Glenn

    What a fantastic resource. Thank you…

  • Elizabeth Woodford

    Thank you so much, helpful and inspirational

  • Thank you! I have taken on participating in our service’s prayers of the people, not because prayer is one of my strenghts, but rather because it is an area of growth opportunity for me. I, too, found little support/direction, very grateful for this site.


    I like your site and find it most helpful when preparing for intercessional prayers, however I am searching for intercessions that address both emotional and physical pain. Can you help?

  • sarah winslow

    just wanted to say thank you. very helpful.

  • Mariana Marques

    I am trully thankful for your idea of this site because it is an inspiration to people like me doing the prayers at church…. God bless you

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